Fitness Trail

Building a fitness trail at school is one of the projects Rooms 16 and 20 will be working on this year. We need advise and help from lots of people because we have never built one before. Have you got any photos, ideas, suggestions you can share with us about fitness trails.

  • Maybe you know of a great fitness trail in Auckland that we could visit.
  • Maybe you have a great fitness trail near your place that you could send us photos of.
  • Maybe you have designed and bulit a fitness trail yourself and could offer us some tips and ideas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kidsline Visit

The kidsline phone counselling service has been helping kids for 21 years. The counsellors are trained year 12 and 13 students. These ‘buddies‘ will discuss any problems or hassles any child is facing. The kidsline motto is ‘It Helps To Talk.’


This week we had some kidline buddies come to our school to promote their work and the service they provide. Don’t forget the phone number if you ever need it. It is 0800kidsline (0800 543 7540) Visit their website KIDSLINE.

Room 20 cheering for Kidsline

Room 20 cheering for Kidsline

Kauri’s Big Splash

Yesterday we had our annual swimming sports. It was a lot of fun. This year we didn’t have any of the normal, competitive races like freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. Instead, we had novelty challenges like the noodle, kickboard combo. The only rule was that you had to get both noodle and kickboard from one end of the pool to the other. How you did it was up to you. We also used a bucket as a flotation device.

Another popular event was the clothing relay. Contestants had to swim fully clothed, not an easy thing to do. In the seal race, contestants pushed a ball with theur nose, It sounds easy but it is much harder than you imagine.

It was a great day. Everyone had lots of sunblock on. You can’t be too careful in New Zealand’s harsh sun. Burn time was down to less than 15 minutes. Thanks to Mr Pressnell for organising the day and Whaea Puhi for taking the photos.

Great Barrier Island Beach Clean Up

On Friday 5 March, 24 Kauri Team students went with Mrs Tregoweth and Mr Waller to Great Barrier Island to help clean up all the rubbish on the beaches. The day was organised by the Sir Peter Blake Trust. We left school at 7.45am to get to town to catch the Fullers Ferry. The ferry ride was over 2 hours long. It was a brilliant, sunny, warm day. The seas got a bit choppy and several kids got sick.

When we arrived at Great Barrier Island, we were taken by vans to Kaitoke School near Claris. The school is tiny (less than 100 students) but the setting is amazing.

We went down to Kaitoke Beach and looked for any rubbish we could find. We were pleasantly surprised. There was very little rubbish on the beach. The strangest pieces of rubbish we found were an old fridge door and a sign that said “No Littering.” We also found four beer bottles and lots of nylon string.

Kaitoke Beach is stunning. It is a piece of paradise. We had a great time exploring and playing after we had finished our clean up. We did things in reverse. Most of us couldn’t resist the water and we ended up getting our clothes wet. We had to go home in our dry togs.

While we were waiting at the wharf for all the other schools to arrive, we saw two massive sting rays swimming in the shallow water. The locals told us that they were the town’s pets. No one is allowed to fish there or disturb them.

The ferry was a much smoother ride on the way home. We got back to school at 8.30pm. It was a very long school day but it was the best!!

See more photos at

Superclubs Plus

Superclubs Logo

We are having a lot of fun with Superclubs Plus. It is a safe place to learn how to interact with other people on the internet. It’s somewhere children can meet friends, have fun and learn with kids of their own age.

We are building our home pages, exploring the different clubs and working hard to gain all our cybersafety stars. Paddy and Rohaub have gained their blue stars. Sunny, Connor, Jack, Tiri, and Tegan aren’t far behind getting their green stars.

We login to superclubs plus at

Learn more about Superclubs at


Team Problem Solving

The task was to get their team across the acid lake without anyone falling in. Each team had three chairs and two hoops to stand on.

A New Year


Well, well, well. Embarking on a journey through another exciting year.

We have been looking at the bizarre and absurd works of M.C. Escher. My favourite is “The Waterfall.” You can see lots of his works at The Official MC Escher website.

Homework for this week…



We have been looking at definitions for sphere, cylinder, cube and pyramid. Can you design a net for a box that is 15cm high, 8cm wide, and 3cm deep. Draw it on a piece of paper. If you are unsure how to start, look at a box from the pantry after it has been opened. Bring your design to class and we will trace it onto cardboard and put it together.



Well done Connor, William, Joanna, Deesha and Joy for completing a net for a box. You are all stars!!

Moeez’s race story

We started with a basic story idea. Liam is winning the cross country but he has gone out too fast. Sweetie overtakes him and wins. Here is Moeez’s version.

The third time around Liam feels like he had pins stuck in his feet. He could hardly take another step. It felt as if a 50kg man was pulling him down . Liam could smell the sweat pouring from his chin down to his feet. Liam thought that he was going to puke.

Sweetie was cruising, then she saw her chance. She started to sprint. She could feel sweat pouring out her shoes. She was sure that she would win. Her eyes were focused on the finish line. Sweetie picked her speed up and passed Liam. Liam slipped. He could feel the pain. It felt as if his legs are broken. Sweetie sped up and crossed the finish line with joy.

“Mummy” said Liam.

“SHAME!” said Sweetie.

by Moeez

A Musical Challenge

Title of challenge: Recycling Music Challenge

A group of friends are stranded because their money has been stolen. They decide to earn it by busking using discarded packaging items to make instruments.

Get into teams of four. You need to make at least four musical instruments and play a designated tune (e.g. Twinkle, twinkle little star.)

There are no set materials, but you must not use real instruments. Each team member must play
one instrument, and the tune may be played for at least 30 seconds.

Teams will be judged by the standard of music, the variety of instruments and audience reaction.

Entries will be videoed and put on this blogsite. Others may judge your performance differently.

Thanks to the BP challenge for this idea. See BP Challenge for their website.

R.I.P. Auckland Zoo’s Elephant

Kashin, the elephant at Auckland zoo was put down by vets yesterday. She has been suffering from foot abscesses and chronic arthiritis. She was 40 years old and had been at the zoo for 36 years. She had become depressed and withdrawn. We have some questions we are wondering about.

  1. Is it cruel to keep animals like elephants in a zoo?
  2. Was it right to put Kashin down?
  3. How long do elephants live for in the wild and in captivity.

What do you think?

Have you got any questions about elephants you want to ask?

Here is a video of Mr Waller’s adventures with elephants when he was in Malaysia. People got to ride on elephants and to swim with them.

We Are The Champions

Congratulations to the two Owairaka Netball Teams that competed in the Eden/Albert Netball competition last week. Both teams won their grade. 150 players from 15 schools compete in this tournament. Well done Ms. Karaka. Well done girls. You are all stars.