Kauri’s Big Splash

Yesterday we had our annual swimming sports. It was a lot of fun. This year we didn’t have any of the normal, competitive races like freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. Instead, we had novelty challenges like the noodle, kickboard combo. The only rule was that you had to get both noodle and kickboard from one end of the pool to the other. How you did it was up to you. We also used a bucket as a flotation device.

Another popular event was the clothing relay. Contestants had to swim fully clothed, not an easy thing to do. In the seal race, contestants pushed a ball with theur nose, It sounds easy but it is much harder than you imagine.

It was a great day. Everyone had lots of sunblock on. You can’t be too careful in New Zealand’s harsh sun. Burn time was down to less than 15 minutes. Thanks to Mr Pressnell for organising the day and Whaea Puhi for taking the photos.

Help Me With My Scrapbook

I am taking a scrapbook about New Zealand, Auckland, Owairaka School, and the children of Room 20 with me to Malaysia. I want to show them what life is like here. I want to share stories about us. I want to present photos and pictures showing what our wonderful country is like.

Have you got any photos of places in New Zealand or Auckland that would be interesting to show? If you do, I would love to have a copy. You can send them to me at school or email them to me as an attachment.

Thank you.

Yes, Joanna, the scrap book will be about the whole school.

Race Relations Day

This video was edited by Geleta and Aronga. We hope you like it.


Paddy’s thoughts…”

”I liked Race Relations Day”.  The kids the teachers and the parents all looked nice in their clothes from their different cultures . The food was delicious.
And you Mr Waller, you stood out like a rose among thorns!

But most of all, I like Aronga and Gelata’s video

PS. Mr Waller, I liked your poses!”

The Great Egg Drop Video

The video was edited by Samantha C. with a little bit of help from Celia. She has done a fantastic job. The camera work was done by Samantha C. and Rohaib B.

Samantha\’s Video about \”The Great Egg Drop\” on YouTube

Tiri still has her egg, it hasn’t been dropped or eaten. She has also used her egg drop device from her balcony at home. Her egg still has not cracked.

Paddy’s thoughts… “I like Samantha’s video, it well filmed, recorded, and published.”

Today Room 20 had an egg drop competition. Paddy, Celia, Geleta and Tiri entered. Celia’s was really interesting, she made it as a parachute. She actually put a paper on top of her box full of newspaper and luckily the egg didn’t break. Then came Tiris egg her egg was in a plastic box that was surrounded by paper in a cardboard box and hers also didn’t break. Now came Geleta’s egg. His egg was in a lunch ordering paper bag. His just straight away cracked. Now came Paddy’s. He did it a diffrent way. His experiment was to drop the egg into his container but sadly his one broke. So he went and got another egg and tried it again and he made it. So Celia and Tiri thought they could make it from the top window. They tried it and they both made it.

By Zekerea

Auckland International Cultural Festival

Silvana at the International Cultural Day

Silvana at the International Cultural festival at May Rd Park on Sunday 29 March

 Paddy has identified the flag Silvana is sitting in front of as the flag of Eritrea.

This was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was inspiring. Auckland truly is a meltingpot of cultures and ethnicities. It was great seeing so many communities come together and express themselves with pride and dignity.

Duffy Assembly

Jackie Clarke speaking to our schoolOn Thursday 26th of March Owairaka Primary School had a Duffy Assembly in the hall with two special guests, Jackie Clarke, a great singer and actor & Ruth from the Rotary Club.

Once Jackie Clarke was ready she stood up & sung her favourite song to us. Afterwards she told us that she has two children, both boys. Every night she tell’s her children a story or the children wouldn’t sleep. She loves to speak in a character voice. She does this on cartoons on TV. She has been on “Stains Down Drains” and “Buzz and Poppy.” She was also a New Zealand idol judge.

When Jackie finished her little speech, Ruth had the pleasure of taking the stage. She gave the year four students illustrated dictionarys, they were very happy and honured for it.

We give many thanks for our two special guests Jackie Clarke & Ruth, THANK YOU=)

Written by Ethan M. & Rohaib B.

If you want to find out more about Jackie Clarke, visit http://www.jackieclarke.co.nz/index.php

Silly Hat Day

This Wendesday, (yes, that’s right! Wednesday 1 April) Owairaka School are having a Silly Hat Day. All can participate and join in the fun. It will cost a gold coin donation. The theme is a Silly Hat made out of recyclable material. So, once again, raid the recycling bin and see what you can come up with.

Absolutely yes. You can use sellotape or any other form of adhesive you like to keep your construction together.


David Beckham

On Friday 5TH December ten lucky children were chosen to see David Beckham train with his team L.A Galaxy. Unfortunately we couldn’t get his signature. The most interesting thing is that we actually get to see him and his team play. The cool thing was his long passes. He is only playing for the L.A Galaxy because he wants’ soccer to be more famous around the world. David Beckham is a sporting legend. Beckham has been around the world just to play soccer and train with kids.  



We also saw the Oceania All Stars train as well. They were also pretty good but lost the real match by 3-0 to the L.A Galaxy. It was a really good experience. I was really happy and proud we were chosen. We saw him in one of the best forms of his life. He played really good at practice but he didn’t want to get injured. The Oceania All Stars let us get their signature. We also got free lunch       (Doughnuts).

Our Day At Government House

Lili, you made me proud. You were a fine ambassador. You completed the task from the job description really well. You looked beautiful in your lovely dress. You were a real lady. By your proud teacher….

What a fabulous morning we all had on Wednesday 19 November. Lili was absolutely awesome and represented the children of Room 20 and the school well. She dressed up for the day, showed wonderful manners and spoke from the heart when talking to a crowd of approximately one hundred people about the programme and what she had gained from it. I was so impressed with the way she remembered to thank Mr and Mrs Saunders and Levi.
Prior to the official part of the programme Lili was served sandwiches and mini slices of cake which she ate very delicately. She sat with Levi and entertained him while we waited for the event to begin. What a fabulous ambassador Lili was and what awesome memories we will all have of that wonderful morning.
By the way Room 20, Mr Waller and Ms Brown looked pretty good also and behaved well.
You would be impressed!

By Mrs Van Der Straaten


On Wednesday Lily, Mr Waller, and Mrs Van Der Straaten all went to visit the Government House for a special occasion .The occasion was “Roots of Empathy”. At this function we saw Mrs and Mr Saunders with Baby Levi. We also saw Mrs Browne. Everyone who came to the function were wearing very nice clothes except for some of the children who were wearing their uniform in a very neat kind of way. The children had to say things about what they have learnt, some very special people had to talk about what roots of empathy was really about. After that everybody was allowed to go and have some tea and have a break and to go home because it was time to finish up. So that was my experience at the government house.

By Lily T.

Hi Room 20. I just have to tell you that Lili was a star at Government House and she did Room 20 and Owairaka school proud.  It is quite a big thing to be at Governement House. There is a policeman on the gate for security and when we arrived we had to be checked off the list.  This was to make sure that only those who were invited went through the gates.  When you are in Government House you have to behave in a very proper way and as Mrs van der Straaten said Lily showed that she understood this and had excellent manners.  I think Mr and Mrs Saunders also thought that Lily was a star because she kept Baby Levi entertained so that they could also listen to the speeches.  There were actually lots and lots of speeches so you had to be a really good listener especially because some of the babies (there were about 20) made quite a lot of noise and sometimes it was quite hard to hear.  Lily then had to stand up with about 20 other students from schools all over Auckland.  They stood in a line and Lily had to think of what she was going to say as well as listen to what the other children said so she could say something that was a bit special from Room 20.
I agree with Mrs van der Straaten that it was very lovely of her to thank Mr and Mrs Saunders for bringing Baby Levi to the class every three weeks.  They were very generous with their time but I also know from Mrs Saunders that she thoroughly enjoyed her visits to Room 20 as I did because you people are a very special class.
By Ms. Browne



The Visit To Government House

Don’t forget to visit our flickr site to see our Roots of Empathy photos… http://www.flickr.com/photos/owai2020/sets/72157607460644212/

Ms Browne, Mrs Van Der Straaten, and myself are going to visit the Governor General at a special function at Government House on November 19. I have to wear a tie and suit. The ladies have to wear their best, formal dress. The occasion is about Roots of Empathy. The Governor General’s wife is a supporter of the programme.

I have to select one person from Room 20 to go with us. This person needs to be prepared to share a bit about what they enjoyed/learned from the programme. Who do I pick? How do I select this person? This is my dilemma…

1.   Lucky draw from a hat.

2.   Best ideas/ Most helpful / Most keen throughout Roots of Empathy.

3.   Vote/election.

4.   Ms Browne selects.

5.   Apply for the role.

Black Hat Points for Lucky Draw:

1.   Might be someone who doesn’t really care.

2.   Person who didn’t participate.

3.   You might not want to go.

4.   That person might not have anything to share.

5.   That person might not be confident enough.

Yellow Hat Points for Lucky Draw:

1.   No arguments

2.   Fair

3.   Everyone has the same chance

Black Hat Points for Best Ideas/Most Helpful:

1.   No best ideas, all ideas were good.

2.   People that helped were asked to. We all wanted to help.

3.   We were all keen.

4.   Some people sat up and were noticed more than others.

5.  How can Mr Waller remember back to the beginning of R of E ?

6.  He might have favourites.

Yellow Hat Points for Best Ideas/Most Helpful:

1.   The person chosen will have something to say.

2.   Person chosen will have courage and confidence.

Black Hat Points for Ms Browne choosing:

1.   She might not remember all our names.

2.   She might choose someone who doesn’t want to go to the function.

3.   She might not have enough time to think it over.

4.   Some people sat up and were noticed more than others.

5.  How can Ms Browne remember back to the beginning of R of E ?

6.  She might have favourites.

7.  She might not want to do it.

Yellow Hat Points for Ms Browne choosing:

1.   The person chosen will have something to say.

2.   Person chosen will have courage and confidence.

3.  She might choose someone on a higher level than everyone else.

4.  Because she is in charge of R of E she will make sure the best person for the job is chosen.

Black Hat Points for having an election:

1.   Everyone might just vote for their friends.

2.  People might argue.

3.  Someone might be away on election day.

4.  Some people have less friends than others… becomes a popularity contest.

Yellow Hat Points for having an election:

1.   We get to listen to the people who want to go. They have to try and persuade and convince us that they are the best person for the role.

2.  The person will need to be confident.

Black Hat Points for applying for the role:

1.   There may be lots of people who want to apply. This will make it a harder job.

2.  People will say the same things. So how will you choose.

3.  If lots of people have excellent reasons how will we pick.

Yellow Hat Points for applying for the role:

1.   We get to listen to the people who want to go. They have to try and persuade and convince us that they are the best person for the role.

2.  The person will need to be confident.

3.  Fair because everyone gets the same chance to try and persuade Mr Waller.

What about the other ideas for selection. What are the pros and cons of these ideas? Should I select the person who sends me the best list of black/yellow hat points on each idea? Get talking. What do you think?

Criteria For Selection:

  • Why should I pick you?
  • Be able to smile and be friendly with strangers.
  • Be prepared to speak to people you meet at Government House (confidence).
  • Look people in the eye.
  • Send me your application via email.

Here are the applications so far. Which one do you think I should pick?

can i please go and I’ll  give you a banana. (Geleta)

If you pick me i will give you 10 cent. (Letuituia)

mr  I think u should choose me beacuse iam intlelligent. I can speeak in front of all of us and make u smile. I have got all the merroy about how to look after a baby and how to look after my kids when I am your age. (Sekeriye)

I think you should pick me because i am just about to explode with fantastic ideas that i know you will love. (Guushaa)


Mr Waller. I think you should pick me because I have more EXPEIRIENCES and I have load of fun when it is R.O.E. I have had r.o.e for 2 years and I think I have good ideas to share to the people who are going to be there. Now having a baby and having a smoke could do lots of damage to the baby, see I know something to tell other people so that why I think you should pick me. But you don’t you will regret it so if you do pick me life will be good. So pick me please. (Rangi)

Hi Mr.Waller this is my application.
Why you should choose me for the job?
I was persistent with the instructor and the other participants.
I was helpful to other children when they were struggling with the work they were given.
I gave lots of good ideas about all the subjects we would talk about during the Roots of Empathy program.
I didn’t complain when I never got picked to do a special job for the instructor.
I didn’t complain about the work we were given to do in the program.

What I would say?

I would say something about what I have learned during the process of the program and what parts of  it I enjoined and what parts of it I didn’t like .

I would talk about how great it was to have an honour to be part of the Roots of Empathy program.

I would say how much I would like to be a part of this in the future.

What I would do in the future with what I learned in Roots of Empathy?

I would help ladies who are struggling with babies or toddlers.

I would use them for when I have my own children.

I would help any of my relatives who are going through a hard time with their own babies.

Here are the rest of my details.


Year:6 (Lili)

Mr Waller

I want to go to the government house so badly. In the weekend I spent some time writing down notes of what I could say to people when I go on that very important day. That’s if I go. Also my mum just

got me a new dress for very important occasions. When it was the last day of the

roots of empathy program I was so sad. When Mrs Browne said that one lucky

student from Room Twenty would be going to meet the Governor General and his wife

to discuss and talk about roots of empathy, feelings, babys and other things we learnt

during the program, I became happy and excited. All I could think about was going to

meet the Governor General. I am very confidant and polite. When I went to a wedding

a few weeks ago I had to give any one a hug and a kiss even if I didn’t know them. That’s

confidence. (Bronwyn)

Hi Everyone
Comments from Ms Browne
What an impressive lot of persuasive powers there are in Room 20! So many of you are so good at putting your view across that I think you should consider a career as a politician one day.
I have to say I was particularly impressed with the reasons people gave for why they should be picked. Mr Waller I also thought that it was a good ideas to provide criteria so that everyone can see why the person is chosen.
One of the important jobs that person will have at Governement House will be to make a short speech about Roots of Empathy in Room 20. Other children will be talking about the programme in their room so we will be wanting some information that is special to Room 20. The chosen person will have to represent you all. Maybe this person can ask the class for ideas so that even if you are not at Government house your words will be there.
I look forward to hearing the results of this process – it is rather like the elections in NZ and USA. Good luck

And the person selected is…

Lili. I think you will do us all proud. Your application was outstanding. Congratulations!!

Lili and Baby Levi

Rippa Rugby at Eden Park



A couple of Sundays ago the Owairaka School Tag team played a game against Waiheke Island at Eden Park as a curtain raiser before the Taranaki Ranfurly Shield challenge. Owairaka won 55-25. The team really enjoyed the experience of playing on the same field that the All Blacks played on the week before. They got to play in front of a reasonable crowd at the stadium and their game was also shown on the big screen. They had their photo taken with the All Black, Joe Rokocoko and the Auckland Blues player Benson Stanley.

Tag is a fun game that anyone can play. The object of the game is to score a try without having the opposition tear off one of the two tags you have velcroed onto your belt. 


I couldn’t pick a player of the day but Sekeriye thinks it was Letuituia. How would he know? He wasn’t even there.