A Passage To India

How about a bit of extra homework…

Design an Indian holiday for you and your family. Where would you go? What would you see? What different experiences would you try and incorporate?

  • Plan an itinerary that outlines where you will go each day. If you go to a city, say what you plan to see in that city.
  • Find out different ways of travelling around. Try and include different modes of transport, e.g. plane, train, bus.
  • Choose what type of accommodation you want to stay in.
  • Work out a budget. How much is this trip going to cost?

Ask me any questions you are not sure about. Remember, I have been to India.

Once again, Tiri is the first to sign up…

Well done Tom. He has outlined an itinerary he and his family are planning this Christmas. He says…”I am plannig to go to India on Dec for a vacation . I am flying on Singpore airalines from Auckland airport to Cochin airport in Kerala where I belong to. I will spend my first 2 weeks with my grandparents and relatives.Then I will fly to New Delhi where I have to stay in a hotel or with my mum’s relatives. Next morning I will visit the Red Fort, Qutab Minai, Gate of India and these places we can travel by bus or Rikshaw . On the 2nd day by car we go to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. This trip will cost around $2500 including the flight charges+food and accomodation.”